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It is with great pleasure that we reintroduce JKA WF MALTA, (previously known as JKA MALTA SKA), whose sole aim is to  promote JKA – Japan Karate Association – principles based on Japanese culture and mentality, as well as Lifelong learning for all members of society.

With JKA organisations being present in almost every country worldwide, being part of JKA offers exceptional learning opportunities and experiences for all its international members, including teaching from JKA Licenced instructors locally and also direct learning with Japanese Instructors from JKA Headquarters in Tokyo.

Currently there are 5 dojos (clubs) present locally in Paola, Handaq, Zejtun, Tarxien and B’Kara –  as well as an innovative collaboration with the Malta Police force  offering free classes to children from the Victim Support Group.

Anybody interested including members from other karate associations are welcome to contact us on +356 7929 1663 or Beginners classes are always available at all our locations. Take the opportunity to be part of the JKA Family!

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Recent Events

JKA WF MALTA Members Complete First Aid Course

Last Sunday 23rd October 2022, 12 members from JKA WF MALTA have completed the First Aid Course led by Ms. Danika Formosa, First Aid and CPR instructor. For JKA WF MALTA, maintaining health and safety at all times is of utmost importance. A standard brought about by our members’ sterling commitment to ensuring a safe environment with diligent and timely first aid responders in case of eventual emergency. JKA WF MALTA would like to thank Mr. Shaun Mawdsley from Malta Red Cross for the organisation of the course, and The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector for sponsoring this course.

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JKA Dan & Licenses Exam Results

On the 31st July, JKA WF Malta organised JKA Dan and Judge and Instructor Qualification Licence examinations, carried out by Japanese Instructor Naito Takeshi Sensei, 8th Dan JKA WF Italia National Representative, at the end of the International JKA Gasshuku in Malta . All 23 JKA WF Malta members successfully passed their Shodan, Nidan and Sandan black belt examinations and 5 members also successfully achieved their Instructor and Judge Licences. Sandan Examinations – 3rd Dan Robert Vella Colton Grech Darmanin Darren Bianco Claudio Paris Graziella Rocco Luke Rocco Nidan Examinations – 2nd Dan Ezio Buffa Giovanni Zarb Jurgen Curmi Rowinda Read more…

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About Us

Traditional Shotokan Karate

Our Association and its members seek to promote the lifelong practice of Traditional Shotokan Karate through hard training and effort in a disciplined and healthy environment.

Self Development

Through training, we aim to equally develop the Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects of Karate and its practitioners

Fun and Discipline

Our training is always challenging but also satisfactory for those who learn to take it with the correct attitude and to enjoy a hard session.

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