Who is JKA WF Malta?

JKA WF Malta is a Non-Governmental Voluntary Organisation dedicated to teaching the principles of traditional Shotokan Karate to individuals of all ages, genders, and physical abilities, promoting lifelong practice as a Way of Life.

Our aim is to provide diverse learning opportunities to promote youth education and self–discipline and empower personal growth to contribute to the betterment of society.

JKA WF Malta is registered as Representative Member Organisation of JKA WF with the JKA Headquarters in Tokyo. https://www.jka.or.jp/en/branch-search-en/branch-europe

What is the Structure of JKA WF Malta?

The JKA WF Malta organisation consists of several affiliated dojos, which are also all registered with the JKA Headquarters. https://www.jka.or.jp/en/branch-search-en/branch-europe/club-malta/.

As official member organisations they are authorised to use the name and mark of JKA.  JKA WF Malta also has a local Headquarters, JKA WF Malta Honbu Dojo where all our Dojo Instructors practice together every week.

Who are the Instructors?

All Instructors of JKA WF Malta Dojos are certified and have undergone Qualification Licence examinations by Japanese JKA Headquarters Instructors to ensure they have established a solid foundation on instruction and technique of Karate-Do.

Led by JKA WF Malta Chief Instructor, Sensei Paul Falzon, 4th Dan JKA, they have dedicated themselves to focus on standardising and promoting JKA Karate through consistent training, seminars and personal research of effective Karate technique.


Members of JKA WF Malta have direct membership with JKA Headquarters, Tokyo. Each member receives a JKA Membership Card, renewed annually, with a unique code according to Country, Member organisation and his/her Dojo/Club.

On succeeding examinations, members are also given a JKA Passport which is used to record all Examinations, Qualifications, participation in Research Seminars and Championships. Both the Membership Card and JKA Passport can be presented to train at any JKA Dojo / International Seminar  worldwide.


Members progress through examinations conducted locally by licenced Examiners twice a year, for Kyu Grades (colour belts). A curriculum is used as a guide to ensure a set number of objectives in execution of technique are reached at every subsequent level of training. Upon passing, each member receives an official JKA Kyu Certificate authorised by JKA HQ and signed by the Main examiner.

Dan (Black Belt) Examinations are carried out by licenced Examiners and Japanese JKA HQ Instructors at International Gasshuku/Seminars held in Malta or abroad. Members are required to follow the curriculum set by JKA HQ, which emphasises progressive levels of difficulty on Kihon – Fundamental technique, Kata and Kumite – Fighting.  Upon passing, members receive a registered JKA Dan Certificate from JKA HQ, Tokyo.

Training opportunities with JKA HQ Instructors

JKA WF Malta provides opportunities for members to train directly with Japanese Headquarters Instructors through International Gasshuku organised in Malta once or twice a year.

There are also numerous Gasshuku organised by JKA organisations in the majority of countries worldwide, that are open for participation by all JKA Members.


Every year, JKA WF Malta organises a number of Competitions to expose members to different learning experiences. At JKA WF Malta we believe that the ultimate aim of Karate is to improve personal well-being physically and mentally throughout an individual’s lifetime, and competitions are solely used as a means for learning.

The All Malta National Championship is usually held in Winter for selection of National Team members to represent Malta in Competitions abroad. A Summer Championship and Dojo Competitions are also held throughout the year for members who wish to gain new challenges / experiences.

All JKA Members in Malta are invited and welcome to participate.