What we practice is Traditional Karate, Shogai Karate. This is lifelong Karate, which is a way of life based on authentic Japanese culture, mentality, language and principles. Karate Do (Budo) is not a sport with a limited timeframe. It is not only for young people who are already athletic. True Karate Do is for everyone irrespective of limitations and difficulties in one’s life. It is not for personal conquest.

Karate Do is complete, fulfilling, gives meaning, and purpose to anyone’s life wishing to practice with honesty through many hard years of practice. There is no magic wand or a few lessons to take to become proficient or to be able to defend oneself. There is only sacrifice, discipline, challenges and continuous training to achieve true efficacy in Traditional Karate.

Our objective is to develop individuals into positive, confident and respected members of society while learning to face life’s problems with control, responsibility and dignity. Karate training in our clubs aims at fostering altruistic principles based on the ideals of excellence and hard work.

JKA WF Malta is administered by a committee, made up of a small number of senior members. The committee is responsible of helping the chief instructor in maintaining previous accomplishments while achieving new ones. 

Karate is different from any other sports because a student does not only learn and improve his ability and technical skill, but learns how to respect him/herself and others. Part of this respect is gained through the Dojo Etiquette.

The Dojo-kun is a very important part of understanding what karate is all about and it is also one of the things that sets karate apart from many other disciplines. Karate is not a sport, it is a way of life that follows the principles described in the Dojo-kun.

Shotokan is the study of various punches, kicks, strikes, blocks, stances and body dynamics. Shotokan karate teaches relatively fewer techniques than other styles, adhering to the concept of teaching a thorough knowledge of a few techniques rather than aiming for superficial familiarity with numerous techniques.