Sharing the training experience creates a unique bond that transcends cultural differences, uniting individuals under a common purpose.

In essence, Karate serves as a universal language that unites people from diverse nations around the world in a common pursuit of self-improvement, perseverance, and camaraderie. By transcending cultural and linguistic barriers, Karate fosters connections and understanding among individuals from different backgrounds, creating a global community bound by the spirit of martial arts.

The overarching goal of organizations like JKA is to promote peace among nations through this universal language of Karate. By instilling confidence in individuals and fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding, Karate contributes to building a more harmonious world.


In January 2024, JKA WF Malta held its first Winter Kangeiko.

Kangeiko is a Japanese Budo Tradition of  training in the early morning during the coldest time of the year. The purpose of Kangeiko is to begin the New Year by challenging  oneself, waking up early in the morning to train in cold weather, to set the same spirit of commitment for Training throughout the rest of the year.

Kangeiko training usually starts with an early morning jog, with the group chanting “Wasshoi”, a powerful Japanese cheer traditionally used during festivals whilst carrying a shrine and during sport events. “Wasshoi” transmits  one’s energy, strength and commitment through a shout to encourage and bring the group together. This also continues to reflect in the encouragement given by the group to one another, to give one’s best in training in the dojo, both during Kangeiko and also throughout the rest of the year. )

JKA Headquarters in Tokyo also holds its Winter Kangeiko in January and all international members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Dates for next kangeiko can be found on:

(Kangeiko at JKA HQ)


The international JKA Gasshuku (Seminars), organized by all JKA World Federation member countries including Malta, serve as a unique platform for practitioners from diverse nations to share the experience of learning and training alongside Japanese JKA HQ Instructors. These instructors bear the responsibility of imparting the latest, high-standard knowledge of karate that is continuously studied, refined, and researched.

Participation in any JKA Gasshuku around the world is open to all JKA members, fostering inclusivity and camaraderie within the global karate community. Beyond honing technical skills, the Gasshuku serves as a celebration of peace, unity, and cultural exchange through the medium of karate. It symbolizes the power of martial arts to transcend borders and bring people together in pursuit of personal growth and mutual understanding.

Links to upcoming Gasshuku can be found by following this link: