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SKA Malta Members in UK, July 2019

A great experience for SKA members having the opportunity to participate in an intensive 3 day Karate training camp delivered by Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan, Chairman and chief instructor to the Academy of Shotokan Karate (ASK), and Sensei Paul Herbert 6th Dan, Chief instructor and founder at Kiryoku Shotokan Karate Dojo (affiliated to ASK), both having direct link with the late, ever-so inspirational Keinosuke Enoeda Sensei 9th Dan. Karate felt most alive in Sensei Hazard and Sensei Herbert unique way of teaching, through years of practice and authentic life experience. The seminar was packed with highly technical advice targeted Read more…

JKA MALTA SKA Members Training In Tokyo, Sendai – JAPAN! July – August 2019

July - August 2019! JKA MALTA SKA Members in JAPAN! - Training for 3 weeks with Izumiya Sensei 7th Dan JKA HQ Instructor and Chubachi Sensei 5th Dan at Sangenjaya Jyonan shibu Shotojyuku Dojo, Imamura Sensei 7th Dan JKA at JKA Headquarters, Nakayama Sensei at Naka Sensei's Taishijuku Branch Dojo - Tokyo and Goukon Sensei 7th Dan JKA at Izumikamo Branch Dojo in Sendai Prefecture. On behalf of JKA MALTA SKA, we would like to thank all Japanese Instructors and Dojo members for their exceptional kindness, friendship, hospitality and for always welcoming all our members during their stay in Japan!

JKA MALTA SKA members once again training in Tokyo, Sendai – JAPAN! July – Aug 2019

Once again, more JKA MALTA SKA Members have been Training at different Dojos in Tokyo and Sendai in JAPAN over the past 3 months @ Okuma Sensei's Dojo and Dokkyo University Karate Club, @ renowned Tohoku Fukushi University Karate Club, @ Izumiya Sensei's Jyonan shibu Shotojyuku Dojo in Sangenjaya with Chubachi Sensei, @ Kobayashi Sensei's JKA Houkukan Dojo with Miki Rebecca Nakamachi Sensei and @ JKA Headquarters with Naka Sensei, and Ogane Sensei. JKA MALTA SKA would like to thank all JKA Sensei s and Dojo Members for their constant hospitality, kindness and friendship on behalf of all our members who Read more…

End of the Year 2019 Special Session

SKA MALTA - Main Dojo , Malta

During the 2019 End of Year special session, 150 students of all ages from MCAST, SKA Kids, Nakama, Kenshinkan and Rendokan Dojos were practicing together and harder than ever with Chief Instructor of JKA in Malta Sensei Edward Aquilina. An outstanding Karate atmosphere, created by each and every participant, was felt across the training hall marking the end of an exciting and successful year of Karate.JKA MALTA SKA would like to wish a Happy New Year to all its members, their supportive families and all our International Karate friends from all over the World!May the final training session of this Read more…

Introducing JKA WF MALTA, previously known as JKA MALTA SKA

It is with great pleasure that we reintroduce JKA WF MALTA, (previously known as JKA MALTA SKA), whose sole aim is to  promote JKA - Japan Karate Association - principles based on Japanese culture and mentality, as well as Lifelong learning for all members of society.With JKA organisations being present in almost every country worldwide, being part of JKA offers exceptional learning opportunities and experiences for all its international members, including teaching from JKA Licenced instructors locally and also direct learning with Japanese Instructors from JKA Headquarters in Tokyo.Currently there are 5 dojos (clubs) present locally in Paola, Handaq, Zejtun, Read more…

JKA WF Malta Kyu Examinations – Day 1

Mcast Paola

JKA WF Malta Kyu Examinations - Day 1 - Congratulations to JKA Yuushinkan Dojo and JKA Nakama Dojo students for successfully passing your examinations!

JKA WF Malta Kyu Examinations – Day 2

St. Ignatius College, Handaq Secondary School

JKA WF Malta Kyu Examinations – Day 2 – Congratulations to JKA Rendōkan Dojo and JKA Kenshinkan - 日本空手協会 拳心館 Dojo students for successfully passing your examinations!

JKA WF MALTA Summer Camp 2023

JKA WF MALTA would like to present Karate Summer Camp 2023, on Saturday 26th August from 10am till 8:30pm. The camp will involve Karate activities spanning throughout the whole day!

JKA WF MALTA Kyu Examinations – July 2024

JKA WF MALTA Kyu Examinations - Congratulations to JKA Nakama Dojo and JKA Yuushinkan Dojo, JKA Rendōkan Dojo and JKA Kenshinkan - 日本空手協会 拳心館 Dojo, students for successfully passing your examinations!